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Self-Contained Self-Rescue &
Personal Emergency Oxygen and
Plasma Delivery Systems

OXON Medical Life Systems, Inc. is a research and development company that has devised oxygen units that:

Meet the specific, legislated requirements of the mining industry and the military / armed forces.   

Provide non-prescription oxygen for healthy people during unexpected emergencies.
Our mission at OXON Medical Life Systems, Inc. is to save lives in crisis situations through applying innovative chemical-mixing technologies to rugged, easy-to-use devices that are:


      One-Touch Activated
      FDA-Approved Technology

Charger 10 and Charger 150 ... Docking SCSR OXYGEN
10 minutes and 150 minutes of non-explosive, non-pressurized, recirculated oxygen
Picture The miner simply puts on a hood, activates the Charger...
Its that simple.

The Charger 10 and Charger 150 are SCSR (Self-Contained Self-Rescue) emergency oxygen generators. As breathable oxygen gas is extracted from a safe chemical reaction within the device, the exhaled breath of the user is recirculated and filtered through a benign scrubber unit to remove carbon dioxide from the exhaled air of the user.

This system is a 'docking' system in that the Charger 10 will dock effortlessly in a few seconds with the Charger 150.

The cutting edge of technology!

LifeLine 30
FDA Approved
30 Minutes of portable non-explosive non-pressurized personal emergency oxygen

The Lifeline 30 supplies 30 minutes of non-explosive non-pressurized oxygen personal emergency system. It uses a standard oxygen mask. The unit is FDA approved and can used be at the workplace, when traveling, in public transportation systems, students, athletes and many other areas. It is to be used for personal emergencies where
life sustaining oxygen is needed.

Freeze-Dried Blood Delivery System Frangible Seal Pouch Licensing

OXON offers licensing of a frangible seal pouch system that incorporates an OXON patented delivery system. Two or more chambers of different solutions (liquid, powder or freeze-dried blood) are separated by a frangible (weak) seal. The administrator simply twists the bag and the seal is broken thus allowing the solutions to mix and he is ready to use the solution. This reduces expiration date issues and assures a fresh, on-demand delivery of life saving solution.

Oxon Medical LifeSystems

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