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Frank Fosella Jr.
Founder, Inventor, President

Frank Fosella Jr. founded OXON Medical Life Systems in 2007. He is the founder, chairman and president of OXON.

The company is dedicated to develop a closed-circuit non-explosive oxygen-producing system for underground miners.

It is based on a unit he invented in 2003 that was approved by the FDA for personal emergency. Taking this personal emergency technology, he converted it to a closed circuit non-pressurized system for underground miners. He also developed the frangible seal technology for on-demand freeze-dried-blood delivery.

Over a 50 year period, Frank was the creative director for Timex, General Foods, WestClock, GE, Nestle's and Xerox. He also owned and operated a highly successful product development company in Boise, Fosella and Associates, for over 20 years.


Frank Fosella, Jr.
Founder, Chairman, President
OXON Medical LifeSystems,  Inc.
1755 Woodbridge Ln. #7
Boise, Idaho 83706-3172 USA


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